JYP’s Upcoming Girl Group NMIXX Teases Debut

JYP Entertainment has introduced us many groups and talents that we have all come to love. Most notable are JYP’s girl groups, with TWICE and Wonder Girls debuting under them. Now, there’s a new girl group in town – courtesy again of JYP. 

NMIXX (pronounced N Mix) is the upcoming seven-member girl group. Members Kyujin, Jiwoo, BAE, Jinni, Sullyoon, Haewon, and Lily have been introduced as early as last year, but the group’s name has only been recently announced. 

In a teaser video titled, NICE TO MIXX YOU, JYP finally revealed the group’s official name. When they were first introduced last year, they were unofficially called JYPn.

Soon after, JYP released another teaser. An introduction to NMIXX’s debut, the New Frontier: Declaration. 

Lastly,  a debut trailer. Here, we can finally see the girls of NMIXX and a sneak peek into their upcoming release. 

While no specific date has been announced yet, the group will make their debut this coming February 2022. 

Excited for NMIXX’s debut? You can follow NMIXX’s official social media for updates!

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