“Kathang Isip” By Ben&Ben Is The “Most Valuable Song” On Spotify Philippines

Listen, cry, repeat. Are you one of the people who streamed Ben&Ben‘s 2017 hit song “Kathang Isip” on Spotify?

Thanks to its heart-wrenching lyrics and LSS-worthy melody, it got streamed for a total of 149,301,017 times and made its way to the “The Most Valuable Song from Every Country” list. Based on the number of its Spotify streams worldwide, the song is worth USD 731,547.98–that’s around PHP 35,000,000!

These figures come from a study made by the Australian finance company S Money based on data collected in February 2021. To get the list of songs and their corresponding worth, S Money checked the most-streamed song by a native artist per country from Kworb, a website that collects music data from all over the world. Then, they multiplied the total number of global Spotify streams for each song by USD 0.0049, the estimated amount an artist earns per stream, according to Digital Music News.

"Kathang Isip" By Ben&Ben Is The "Most Valuable Song" On Spotify Philippines

Photo: Instagram/benandbenmusic

Most Valuable Songs

Topping the list as the most valuable song in the world is Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of You,” which got 2,724,013,193 streams. This is equivalent to USD 13,347,665 or PHP 639,100,00 worth of earnings!

Coming in second is “Rockstar” by Post Malone with 2,124,372,156 streams, and third is “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I with 2,101,828,534 streams. “Kathang Isip” by Ben&Ben is at the 18th spot on this list.

the most valuable songs

Photo: S Money

Most-Streamed Songs

Meanwhile, “Rockstar” by Post Malone leads the list for the “Most-Streamed Songs in Every Country,” getting a total of 714,996,533 streams just from the United States of America. This is followed by “Me Rehúso” by Danny Ocean with 276,788,253 streams from Mexico, and “Roller” by Apache 207 with 210,616,303 streams from Germany. Homegrown band Ben&Ben makes it to the 6th spot, with 130,489,805 streams from the Philippines alone!

Check out the other songs that made it to the list:

most streamed songs

Photo: S Money

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