Lizzo opens up about using music as therapy in the past two years

As Lizzo marked her comeback after two years, she opened up about how her music transformed her over the past two years and her goal to inspire people with her music.

In a virtual press conference for her latest single featuring Cardi B, Lizzo caught up with journalists and media personalities across Asia to talk about what “Rumors” is all about as well as what she’s been up to over the last two years. 

The 33-year-old artist, for one, revealed the song allowed her to respond to her what her critics have been saying about her on the internet. 

“Well, my inspiration was basically to have an opportunity to clapback and own the things that people have to say about me on social media. I just feel like I’m subject to so much public opinion,” she said. 

“And you know, a lot of times, I cannot say or respond to the way I wanna respond. Though I decided to put it all in the music and what better way to clap back than in this song,” she said. 

Sharing how the collaboration came about, Lizzo admitted Cardi B couldn’t be more perfect for the track as she has always been wanting to work with the award-winning rapper the moment she joined her record label – not to mention how huge of a fan she is. 

“Cardi B is somebody who I’ve wanted to work with from the moment she signed with Atlantic Records. I’ve been a fan of Cardi B and her social media presence for years. She’s so funny and she’s so smart and I was like, ‘She’s too cool for me’ and we met a few times at little parties,” Lizzo shared. 

“And every time we met, it was always so much love and I was like, one of these days, we’re gonna collab and she’s like ‘Yeah, girl. We’re gonna collab. When we wrote “Rumors,” it was the obvious choice. Like finally, this is the perfect track for me and Cardi B to talk our shit on and to really just let these people know that you know, these rumors don’t mean nothing to us, she added. 

With Lizzo having achieved a lot in the past two years, she said her only goal is to make people feel good with her music and let them be heard around the world. 

“I would say my number one goal has always been to touch people and to help people. My music has helped me. I’ve been using music as therapy since I was twenty years old, you know? As a writer, my only hope and goal is that somebody can hear something I wrote and feel better by the end of it,” she said. 

“I like to make feel good music. And also, my dream has always been to write a song that like the whole world could sing together. So, we’ll see if everyone’s gonna be singing “Rumors,” she remarked. 

Meanwhile, Lizzo revealed the secret to her success which she said is giving her hundred percent. 

“I am the secret sauce. I am the special sauce ‘cause you know, I put a thousand percent of who I am into the music, into the production, into the lyrics and into the songs,” she said. 

Promising her fans more honest music with the dawn of a new era in her career, she said: “And I mean this next era of new music is gonna be no different. I’m going to say what’s on my mind, on my heart. We’ve had a very transformative two years as a people.” 

She added: And it would be impossible for me not reflect the times and speak on it. So, yeah, I’m gonna get real but also love making music that feels good. So, you’re gonna get the classic uplfiting music that you all love.” 

Having written more than a hundred songs, Lizzo said she’s excited for people to hear what she has in store for them.

“You think all this personality don’t fit in one song? I have so many songs that I’m so excited for the world to hear. But I’m gonna make sure I put together the perfect album. It’s been way too long since I’ve dropped music so I don’t want to hear the drip wrong things. So, we’re gonna be careful in choosing the right songs,” she stated.

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