Olivia Rodrigo Hints at Upcoming Project by Wiping Her Instagram Clean

Olivia Rodrigo definitely has something up her sleeve, and fans are going crazy about the hints she’s leaving on social media.

Over the weekend, the singer deleted all of the content she had previously posted on her Instagram account. Then, she started some posting cryptic videos with zero sound playing on an old-school television. They didn’t come with any captions either.

The first video was posted on March 26, and it featured a time lapse of an ice cream cone with sprinkles slowly melting.


Then, she posted another video on March 27. This time, the teaser showed short clips of a beachside drive, which included light reflecting off a rearview mirror, the open road, and waves crashing onto rocks.


Lastly, on March 28, she posted one more video. In the most recent teaser as of writing, Rodrigo is wandering around before quickly turning to return to the direction she came from.


There obviously isn’t much to get from these super vague videos. However, fans are already getting hyped over the teasers and trying to figure out details of her upcoming project’s release.


Many also pointed out that she seems to be following the footsteps of Taylor Swift, who is also known to leave Easter eggs all over social media before announcing a project or dropping new music. Rodrigo has expressed many times how big of a Swiftie she is and how Swift’s music and songwriting have influenced her own work and goals.


It’s pretty impressive how much hype the singer is already getting just from a handful of cryptic teasers. However, seeing as she broke through the mainstream with her hit song “Driver’s License” which broke record after record despite it being her first single, it’s also not that surprising. Rodrigo’s superstardom just keeps growing, and we definitely can’t wait to hear whatever she’s planning to release soon.

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