On its 10th anniversary, “Friday” gets a remix from a feisty Rebecca Black

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(Images: Rebecca Black/ARK Music)

It’s so weird it just makes sense.

We can’t talk about tracks that turn 10 this year without coming across Rebecca Black and “the worst song ever” that spawned her comeback track, “Friday (Remix)”

Black released the heavily-edited, over-the-top hyperpop song on her YouTube page last Thursday, just a month short of the viral song’s 10th anniversary.

Suffice to say, it’s more than enough as a revenge track to all the trolls and edgelords of the Internet that caused Black years of anxiety and trauma.

Featuring vocals from the flamboyant firebrand Dorian Electra, crunkcore duo 3OH!3, and the Queen of Bounce herself, Big Freedia, the song slaps by being a parody of itself. Teeming with rage comic meme faces and auto-tuned vocals that trended in the early 2010s, “Friday (Remix)” is the upbeat song that happily dances over the grave of cringe culture. It’s as campy as it could get, and that’s exactly why it’s such a great bop. 

It takes time to catch on, but it’s impossible to dislike. Is it weird? Probably, but who the **** cares anymore? 

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