Sam Smith Teases New Kim Petras Collaboration ‘Unholy’, Turns TikTok Upside Down

Give us the release date already!

Sam Smith and Kim Petras shocked fans with a snippet from a song they plan on releasing soon. Sam posted the teaser on TikTok. It featured them and Kim vibing to the song.

To say the song is sexy would be an understatement. As soon as Sam posted the video, content creators left and right ate it all up. They couldn’t stop raving about the song. The snippet was so good that fans wouldn’t stop pestering the artists to release it.

What we know about ‘Unholy’

Rumor has it the song will drop on September 8, but neither Sam nor Kim have confirmed this. We know that the song’s title is “Unholy,” which describes it quite well.

The song’s lyrics are lewd. Line after line is about sex. Together with the sultry voices of Sam and Kim, you’ll feel like going to hell after listening to it. That’s ironic, given that their voices are so angelic.

What makes this Sam Smith song so sexy?

The line “Daddy’s getting hot at the body shop doing something unholy” and the Byzantine double harmonic minor scale seal the deal. “Buttons” by The Pussycat Dolls has the same scale. So does “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry. It’s that Middle Eastern kind of sound that makes it so seductive.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes next. Sam and Kim seem to be taking their precious time releasing the song. Besides that, they seem to love how fans obsess over it, even if it’s still unreleased. People have already begun making dance challenges using the clip. Who can blame them?


little dance we made @Kim Petras

? original sound – Sam Smith

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Also, I hope and pray they give us a release date soon!

Featured Image Daniella Sison


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