This New Filipino Fiction Podcast is Perfect for Supernatural Horror Fans Out There

Sometimes, no matter how many supernatural movies or shows you watch, the stories just don’t resonate as much as narratives rooted in Filipino myths do. Luckily, Filipino storytellers aren’t done exploring the potential of our folklore in modern settings. The latest of which is Hi Nay, a new fictional horror podcast series about the supernatural. 


Hi Nay follows Mari Datuin, a Filipino immigrant who recently moved to Toronto. When she lived in the Philippines, she grew up with a babaylan family, which means that her youth was filled with experiences and practices that led her to become someone who knew her way around the supernatural. And that’s how she finds herself getting involved in an investigation into the recent supernatural happenings that were occurring in the city. 

How exactly she manages to get caught up in all this is explored in the gripping first episode that already keeps you on the edge of your seat. In the pilot, Mari saves a neighbor that was being chased by a grotesque entity with the knowledge her upbringing gave her and ends up being the one local detectives turn to for a follow-up on what happened.

The story is told through audio recordings and phone calls, mostly through Mari’s calls to her mother as she updates her on what’s been going on, hence the title. 

From the seamless way Filipino culture and folklore is woven into the modern setting and the compelling story it results in to the production that amplifies the listening experience with eerie scoring and sound effects that further immerse you into the world, Hi Nay is definitely a podcast worth checking out. 

The podcast was created and produced by Motzie Dapul and Reg Geli, with Dapul also writing and directing the show. 

There are seven episodes out so far, so catching up should be easy! Episodes come out every other Saturday, and you can listen to them on PodBean, YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. Transcripts for the episodes are also available on their blog. 

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