Turn yourself into the iconic Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Radio Beats Girl with this generator

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Radio Beats Girl.
(Image: YouTube/JP Machado)

If you ever needed some chill music to focus on working, studying, or just relaxing, chances are you’ve turned to our Queen of Concentration, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Radio Beats Girl. With her never-ending notebook, she has stood as a symbol of motivation through our moments of pressure. And now, thanks to Picrew, we can follow the footsteps of our hero. 

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Picrew, the app that lets you create your own avatar based on distinct styles of artists, now lets you transform into the Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Girl with just a few tweaks. Created by graphic artist Arideo based on the original art by JP Machado, the generator allows you to combine various body elements, like build, skin tone, hairstyle, facial features, and expression, and add accessories to turn into a personal version of our focus idol.

It even lets you customize the pet chilling on the window sill, as well as the scenery outside of your window. When you’re done, you can download your avatar and use it as your display photos across your social media channels — because how else are people going to know you’re a busy bee?

To build your own, head to this Picrew generator and try it for yourself!


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