Turning Pop Music Into Medieval Song Covers

YouTube is an interesting site to get lost in. The more you watch, the more recommendations they will give you. Every once in a while, the YouTube rabbit hole will bring you to an unfamiliar yet interesting place. For some reason, it brought me to the world of medieval song covers. 

Accompanied by funky medieval art, these song covers will make you want to do a lively jig as you imagine yourself living in the middle ages. The tunes below may sound positively medieval, but they are familiar to our ears because these are pop songs that almost all of us have heard. 


“There be courtesans in thine house!”

Cardi B’s WAP gets a makeover in this medieval song cover. The lyrics are missing in this one but the WAP anthem is unmistakable in its instrumentals. You can easily imagine medieval men and women twerking to this song. 

Bad Romance 

“I want thy love, and all thy lover’s revenge”

The medieval version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance has lyrics to go along with the haunting Celtic instrumentals. Despite the change in lyrics, this cover still retains Lady Gaga’s beautiful voice. 

Hips Don’t Lie 

“Shakireth, Shakireth”

Medieval hips will shake to this medieval cover of Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie. This one is as lively as the original, and it’s actually one of the more famous medieval song covers on YouTube with a whopping 4.5 million views. 

I Can’t Stop Me

“I can’t abstain, never abstain”

Even K-pop isn’t safe from medieval remixers. TWICE’s I Can’t Stop Me still retains its fast paced tune – making this the perfect song to do a lively jig to. 

Lovesick Girls 

“We are some lovelorn maids”

The medieval cover of BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls is more lowkey and soft compared to the original, but it’s still a bop. 

For more medieval song covers, check out Hildegard von Blingin’, stantough, and Beedle The Bardcore

Article photo from stantough.


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