WATCH: Ed Sheeran calls Filipino fans the best in the world

As Ed Sheeran marks the dawn of a new era with his new single “Bad Habits,” the English singer-songwriter couldn’t help but look back at how the Philippines made him feel the first time he set foot in the country.

Last Friday, June 25, Sheeran he released his new single for this year, “Bad Habits.”

The 30-year-old pop singer made yet another bold move as an artist as he surprised his fans with a fresh, new sound. 

In the music video for his latest release, Sheeran transformed into a vampire. Watch the video below: 

Meanwhile, in an interview with ABS-CBN music channel MYX, he explained the reason for choosing “Bad Habits” as the first track among the new songs he had been working on since he took a break from the spotlight.

Sheeran said he always picks the most different as the first to come out, citing “Sing” and “Shape of You” from his past albums Multiply and Divide, respectively. 

“It’s good to start with a song that people talking. Like ‘Oh my God, I heard this new song. It doesn’t sound like Ed at all.’ I think it’s good to get conversations started,” he said. 

Asked what he feels about getting his new music put out for the world to listen, he said: “It feels like just a long time coming. I just want it out and get rolling with the campaign and hopefully do it all.” 

He added: “It’s been long since I’ve done any of this. Like I haven’t done my last interview in the Philippines since like 2017. It’s been a long, long time, you know?” 

While his first visit to the Philippines happened ages ago, Sheeran still considers it the most special. 

“I remember the show being wonderful. The thing that I remember the most is the first time in the Philippines and I’ve never experienced that much love ever. It’s still – I think the fans in the Philippines – and it’s not just for me – I speak to Shawn Mendes thinks the same thing. I remember the One Direction boys thought it’s the same thing,” he remarked. 

“There’s no place in the world where you land on a plane and you feel as loved. You go into Manila, and man, everywhere I was going it was just like pandemonium. And I’ve never had that anywhere else in the world. It was the first time I felt like that [a rockstar],” he added. 

Sheeran then went on to describe Manila as “wonderful” and called Filipino fans “the best in the world.” 

“I mean Manila as a City is wonderful but the Filipino fans are just … I love them … the best fans in the world,” he said. 

Leaving a message for his fans, he said: “I hope you’ve been safe and I hope you’ve been happy and keeping well. I cannot wait to be back. I love you guys so much.”

Watch the video below: 

Last December 2020, Sheeran surprised his fans with a song called “Afterglow.”

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