WATCH: Mariah Carey hits a high note while getting her vaccine jab

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(Image: Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy)

The only side effect of the vaccine to the Songbird Supreme? Being able to hit a G6 note.

Through a video posted on Instagram on Monday, singer Mariah Carey shared to her 10 million followers how getting her first vaccine dose went. In it, she shared that she’s “excited and a little nervous about getting this shot,” and it definitely showed, as she briefly belted her famous whistle as the needle was stuck into her arm.

“It’s only part one,” both the singer and her doctor took note. After getting her jab, Carey was also surprised that “no blood” came out of her punctured arm. She then invited everyone else to have their vaccine shot as well once they are able.

“Here we are, hoping for the best. Encouraging you guys to do it when you can and we’re all in this together as we’ve said,” the superstar reminded her viewers. “Love you much!”

Before getting vaccinated, Carey looked back at a post from a year ago where she and her kids were washing their hands just as the pandemic was just beginning, and urging people to stay safe. “We’re still in this battle together,” Carey said right before her dose.

Carey joins a long list of celebrities who have taken to social media to post their vaccination journeys in order to encourage more people to follow suit. At 81 years old, Sir Ian McKellen was one of the first to do so, receiving his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine way back on December 17.

Then, at the start of the year, the Internet lost it when Arnold Schwarzenegger used one of his famous Terminator quips to get people to be vaccinated.

Depending on which vaccine Carey took, we might see — and hear — her giving another short performance about a month from now.

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