Ylona Garcia Starts 2022 With A New Single And Partnership With Valorant

Not with a fizzle, but with a bang! Filipina-Australian Ylona Garcia is starting the year with her much-anticipated brand-new single, “Entertain Me” via PARADISE RISING/88rising Music.


Produced by DNA and written by the 19-year old star herself alongside David Musumeci and Antonio Egizii, “Entertain Me” is basically an anthemic synth-pop song that’s all about female empowerment. As per Manila Bulletin, the single is characterized by a soaring backbeat and an infectious chorus. “Entertain Me” delves into how Ylona is asserting her independence and putting down the notion that she can be played by anyone.

While you can now listen and download “Entertain Me” on various music platforms, you’ll have to wait a little bit for the official music video. Given how sparkly and sultry she looks in the cover photo, the music video is bound to match her empowering energy. 

And guess what? This new jam isn’t Ylona’s only pasabog for the start of 2022. She has inked a partnership with the mega-popular video game, Valorant. In an Instagram post, Ylona Garcia announced that her new song introduces Filipina agent Neon and her superpowers and special abilities in the Valorant trailer.

“SURPRISE! excited to finally announce my partnership with @playvalorantofficial! thank you vv much for helping me keep my mouth shut until now, @playvalorantofficial! NEON IS SO COOL! LOVE HER TASTE IN MUSIC! ⚡️⚡️” she said. 


So who is Neon, exactly? Well, she’s a new Valorant character from Manila, speaks Tagalog language, and is described as one of the youngest agents “who can outpace the rest of the roster, shocking the competition, and sliding straight into the fight.”

You probably know who she is at this point, but as a refresher, Ylona rose to fame as part of Pinoy Big Brother in 2015, where she placed first runner-up. Since then, she’s released several original songs, including “Walk in My Timbs” in 2020 and “Don’t Go Changing.”

Ylona has been signed with Paradise Rising, the Filipino label of 88Rising, since February 2021. 88Rising is the same music collective that has helped bring talents such as NIKI, Rich Brian, and Joji to the world stage.

So what’s next for Ylona? The singer-songwriter has set her eyes for global expansion. Given how many achievements she has in her tender age of 19 years old, it would come as no surprise if she smashes her goals. 

Art Daniella Sison

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