Nadine Lustre prefers adoption over pregnancy in the future. Here’s why

While we often hear people wanting to have a biological child, there are those who opt to adopt instead. Don’t get us wrong, it’s perfectly fine if you choose to get pregnant and bear a child inside your womb for nine months. After all, it’s nice to see you or your partner’s mini-me. 

But truth be told, we couldn’t help but admire women who choose to adopt a child in a world where millions of kids have no parents. Sure, some might still consider adoption as a first choice taboo when a person or a couple is capable of conceiving a child. But do we really leave that choice to society?

Let’s take for example award-winning singer-actress Nadine Lustre who recently earned praises after opening up about her desire to adopt a child in the future during an interview with her dermatologist Aivee Teo. 

The 27-year-old star, who admitted she has always wanted to have two kids, said she isn’t ready to have one yet right now. 

“Before, every time people would ask me that, I would say 2. But now, I’d say wala. I don’t want to have kids right now. That’s where my head’s at,” she stated. 

Revealing her reason for wanting to adopt, she said: “I do believe that there are a lot of kids who don’t have parents and who need to be taken care of. So I feel like if I do want to have a kid, I might just adopt.”

The “Never Not Love You” star then while she prefers adoption, she isn’t closing her doors to the possibility of carrying a child inside her womb. 

“If I get pregnant, I’ll go with it. But right now, that’s where my head’s at – I would rather adopt.” 

Honestly, it’s about high time we become more accepting about how women want to build a family. Apart from the fact it’s her body, she’s actually not just providing a home to a child but also giving the greatest gift of having a parent. So, Nadine, you do you! 

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