Netflix Reportedly Wants David Fincher To Direct “Squid Game” U.S. Remake

Are the fans of the original series supportive of the reported U.S. remake?

According to several sources, “Squid Game,” the hit Korean drama series on Netflix, could get a U.S. remake with a prominent Hollywood director.

While fans await the second season, the rumor mill is already churning out news of a potential US remake. And reports say that Netflix is considering David Fincher as a potential director.

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Fincher’s signature style of gritty, violent movies might be a great fit for the blood-soaked world of “Squid Game.”

Film critic Jeff Sneider of “The Hot Mic” podcast confirms the possibility of a remake, saying “Netflix is courting David Fincher to produce and direct an American take on ‘Squid Game.'” However, he adds that he needs to find out if Fincher had agreed to take on the project.

It’s not clear yet whether Netflix will be giving the green light to an English-language remake of “Squid Game.”

While fans wait for season two, a reality series called “Squid Game: The Challenge” is also in the works. Contestants will compete against each other by playing games based on the series, with a reward of $4.56 million at stake. With 456 players entering the game, it’s sure to be a thrilling competition.

Although there is no official word on a U.S. remake or the release date of “Squid Game” season two, fans are still speculating about what could happen next.

With rumors of a U.S. remake and a reality series in the works, the “Squid Game” phenomenon might be far from over.

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