Netflix’s You Renewed For Its Fifth and Final Season

Joe’s finally going to get what’s coming to him

Netflix’s You is renewing for a fifth season.

Based on the books by author Caroline Kepnes, “You” follows the story of Joe Goldberg, a charming but deeply disturbed bookstore manager obsessed with the women in his life. The series stars Penn Badgley in the lead role, alongside Victoria Pedretti and Jenna Ortega, among others.

In the previous season, viewers saw Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) in a new environment. He settles in Paris as a professor after killing his ex-wife, Love Quinn. There, he presents himself with new problems as he faced his greatest enemy, himself. With the new friends, enemies, and issues he made, a fifth season is just what the series needs to close off.

Netflix's You
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Netflix’s You on its last season

The fifth season of Netflix’s You is its last season, which would air in 2024. Based on a statement by executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, they have conceived “You” as a “five-season journey.”

Peter Friedlander, Vice President of Scripted Series, Netflix, US and Canada, also has something to say about the show’s success. “We’re proud to see how ‘You’ has captivated audiences around the world, becoming an instant sensation on Netflix with a resounding cultural impact that has grown season over season. We’re excited—and a bit terrified—to see how it all ends for Joe Goldberg, but one thing is for sure: You are in for an unforgettable ending.”

Since its premiere in 2018, “You” has been a hit with audiences and critics alike because of its gripping storytelling and strong performances. Critics have praised the show for its ability to tackle dark and complex themes. These include mental health and the dangers of social media.

Details of the upcoming season are still under wraps. However, fans can expect Joe to finally go down. Badgley recently expressed his desire for Joe to get what he deserves in an interview.

“I feel like it’s building towards a greater resolution,” he said. “That’s what I want for Joe. Because now, the circumstances are actually different. He has a level of power and wealth that he’s never had.”

As with previous seasons, the last season of “You” is expected to be full of suspense, drama, and twists. The show’s renewal is a testament to its continued success and the passion of its dedicated fanbase.

Who can’t wait to see what’s in store for Joe and his next victim?

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