New To Anime? Here’s What You Should Watch First

Anime can be a daunting new TV show genre to enter into because of the literal thousands of series there are to choose from. You’ve probably heard of classics like Naruto and Hunter x Hunter and have had anime aficionados declare, “You just have to watch it!”

But long-running shows with hundreds of episodes take time and commitment and honestly, if you weren’t a fan of anime before, it could get boring and tedious.

So here’s a list of beginner-friendly anime for those wanting to dip their toes into the genre.

Demon Slayer

For action junkies and sword enthusiasts

One of the more popular animes in recent years, Demon Slayer’s charm comes from its diverse cast of demon-slaying characters and impressive animation. Protagonist Tanjiro is on a quest to help turn his half-demon sister back into a human after a tragedy befalls his family. He meets interesting characters along the way and discovers that the realm of demon-slaying is deeper than it is.

Newbies won’t have a hard time following the plot and will be extremely dazzled by the awesome fight scenes. It’s a perfect show to kickstart someone’s interest in anime.

New To Anime? Here’s What You Should Watch First
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The Promised Neverland

For sci-fi fanatics and thrill-seekers

A suspenseful delight, The Promised Neverland took 2019 by storm because of its intelligent plot and shock factor. The anime introduces us to main characters Emma, Norman, and Ray, who live in an orphanage among other children, guided by their caretaker, “Mama”.  However, all is not as it seems, as something sinister lurks around the corner.

The Promised Neverland is especially good for those who aren’t so into anime, because its first episode is enough to rope you into its twisted world. Give it a chance and you’ll find yourself scrambling to finish the rest of the season.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

For those who love a good adventure

Definitely one of the more poignant and fully developed animes, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood tells the story of two brothers who are in search of the legendary Philospher’s Stone to regain what they have lost. It’s a meaningful adventure that touches upon loss, redemption, and the power of alchemy.

Those who are new to anime might find that FMAB has a lot more depth and story-building than other animes, so it’s a great new starter show for those looking for a bit more of a thinker.

FMA Brotherhood Alchemy
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For sports fans and those who love a good underdog story

This particular anime is light in all the right places and is sure to give a good laugh. Haikyuu! follows Hinata Shoyo, an aspiring volleyball champ, as he navigates through the highs and lows of high school volleyball. You don’t have to love sports to love the heart and inspiring message this show brings.

It’s a good watch for anime newcomers because of its bright and uplifting characters.

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Honorable Mention: Attack on Titan

Arguably one of the best animes of all time, Attack on Titan is extremely popular for its complex storyline, character development, and stunning action scenes. In fact, you’ve probably seen people on social media raving every week about the exciting last season that recently aired.

But don’t start your dive into the rabbit hole that is anime with this show. Odds are, nothing will be better than Attack on Titan and other animes will pale in comparison. Yes, it’s that good.

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