Showbiz Newcomer Oliver Moeller Reacts To Trending Guest Appearance In “It’s Showtime”

The Heartthrob Lawyer of Cebu shares his experience meeting the hosts of “It’s Showtime!”

Lawyer Oliver Moeller—who trended on social media after his guest appearance in the “EXpecially For You” segment of “It’s Showtime”—is now joining show business as an influencer.

The Cebuano lawyer and fitness advocate signed a management contract with Cornerstone Entertainment recently at KAO Manila, jumpstarting his career in Philippine showbiz.

Before this, Oliver captured the hearts of many when he was chosen as the date of Michelle Dee during her “It’s Showtime” guesting. People then started posting photos of him and following him on social media.

During the Q&A after his contract signing, FreebieMNL asked Oliver about his trending appearance on TV, which was actually his first.

He said, “It was pretty flattering. First off, it was definitely unexpected, I didn’t expect any of that to happen. Actually, after the show, my friend passed me my phone and it wouldn’t stop vibrating.

“So, it was pretty overwhelming but how I feel about it is I was surprised that people were happy, and again especially my loved ones, the fact that they’re happy just makes me happy.”

Oliver Moeler
Oliver Moeller

It wasn’t the first time that Oliver had an offer to do showbiz but it seems like this was the right time for him to pursue it.

In fact, he was supposed to have another appointment on the day of his “It’s Showtime” guesting, but Oliver thinks he was meant to be in the noontime show.

He explained, “Sometimes, in life, I guess we just feel like the stars aligned. When I initially got the call few days before the show, actually, I checked my calendar and saw that Saturday was free.

“But I actually had an important basketball game in Cebu, and I actually feel like if I noticed my calendar and I noticed that there was a game there, I probably would have said no.

“So, because I forgot to put the game in my schedule, I said yes, and now we’re here.”

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Oliver’s “It’s Showtime” Experience

With his guesting on “It’s Showtime,” Oliver not only earned more followers whom he could share his advocacies with, but he also enjoyed the experience of meeting the show’s hosts like Vice Ganda and Kim Chiu.

He shared, “It’s hard to put into words. These are people that again, you see on TV and you never really think of meeting in person, you never think they’ll be able to shake hands [with].

“I was a bit nervous on the show, making eye contact with them when they asked questions and stuff.

“But again, I’m super happy, super fortunate. They are amazing people. I was introduced to them backstage and they’re all amazing.”

In fact, Oliver cannot pinpoint who was the most welcoming to him because they all accommodated him.

“They all invited me to lunch with them after [the show]. They were super nice, they introduced themselves to me so, again, it was probably one of the craziest moments.”

Now, Oliver is just looking forward to his partnership with Cornerstone to share his interest and passion in sports, fitness, and healthy living.

Aside from being a lawyer, he also has certificates in Fitness and Strength & Conditioning Coaching.

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