Pauleen Luna Pregnant With Another Baby Girl

It’s another daughter for Pauleen and Vic!

Pauleen Luna is expecting another baby girl with her husband Vic Sotto. She shares this on Instagram through a series of snaps from a gender-reveal party organized by in-law relatives Danica and Joy Sotto.  

Pauleen Luna with Vic Sotto and Baby Tali
Vic Sotto, Pauleen Luna, Talitha Sotto
IMAGE: pauleenlunasotto on Instagram

The 34-year-old celebrity teased her followers with an Instagram reel captioned with: “We are having a…”

The video then showcases a baby girl and boy mascots caught in a parodic fistfight. Following such is a burst of pink confetti signifying that Pauleen and Vic are expecting a baby girl.

This comes as their second daughter after their firstborn Talitha Maria Sotto, or more known to many as Baby Tali.  

In the video, Pauleen mentions that she’s actually rooting for a baby boy. “Natalo ako, ah, kasi akala ko boy… Malakas sila magdasal,” pointing at Vic who mentions he was siding with having a baby girl together with Tali.

image 52
IMAGE: pauleenlunasotto on Instagram

“Thank you again fam for giving us this baby shower, thank you for celebrating life with us! God knows we’ve been praying for this for a long time, so thank you for celebrating with us,” Pauleen writes, extending thanks to people who organized the event. 

The expecting couple had their industry colleagues offer well-wishes and congratulatory messages. Some of them are Ryan Agoncillo, Camille Prats, Sheena Halili, and Vina Morales. 

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Before Pauleen Luna’s announcement

Viewers and fans first got a hint of Pauleen’s second pregnancy during the debut episode of TV5’s noontime show, “E.A.T.” 

Host Joey de Leon passively called her “Hoy, buntis,” which sent immediate speculation of Pauleen’s conception of a second child. 

image 53
IMAGE: pauleenlunasotto on Instagram

However, it was not the first time the pregnancy rumor was brought up, with many netizens initiating the same theory when Pauleen’s family attended the wedding of Kristine Hermosa’s sister, Kathleen, in June. 

Pauleen and Vic got married in January 2016, and had their firstborn the following year. 

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