Paulo Avelino’s Gentleman Vibe Charms Netizens In New Ivana Alawi Vlog

Paulo maintains his cool amid an intense situation

Paulo Avelino captivates the hearts of netizens after being overprotective with Ivana Alawi in the latter’s new YouTube vlog. 

The 35-year-old actor proves that good looks radiate if one knows how to be a gentleman. Such is very evident in the way he gracefully handled a tense situation involving Ivana and two irate retail vendors.

The vlog’s challenge begs that Paulo go on a shopping spree and complete Ivana’s outfit only within P1000.00-peso budget. But oblivious to Paulo, Ivana has set him up for a prank, conniving with two vendors who would later get in a spat with her. 

Paulo Avelino and Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi, Paulo Avelino
Screengrab from Ivana Alawi on YouTube

The video starts with Ivana and Paulo roaming a shopping center. On the lookout for a complete wardrobe, they then head to an area run by an old woman and her granddaughter. 

As there is a certain budget to follow, Ivana then starts bargaining with the owners. However, the unwilling store owners say that it was very early to give a discount and it is unreasonable to give half of the items’ price.

Taking interest in a white cocktail dress priced at P850.00, Ivana then bargains at P400.00. As a response, the owner says, “Sobrang tawad naman niyan, naku, wala na po kaming kikitain niyan. Galing pa po yan sa Bangkok.” 

Ivana insists, “Ang mahal, Pau! Iba na lang,” which was then met  by the owner’s “Tama na po yung presyo e.” 

A few more minutes inside the store, Ivana has looked on some other clothes—and during such, she can be heard saying, “Pangit beh, tingnan mo, mga kinukuha ni Paulo,” “Ang chaka,” and other degrading remarks on the items. 

Building up the tension, the granddaughter has mingled with the conversation to say, “E, ‘di sa ibang shop na lang po kayo bumili.” 

Paulo, on the other hand, can be seen on the sidelines with pursed lips and contained demeanor. While being such, it is noticeable that he pays attention to what is going on around. 

He lightly mediates with: “Pasensya na po. Naiintindihan po namin. Pasensya na po.”

Screenshot 2024 05 01 104304
Paulo Avelino
Screengrab from Ivana Alawi on YouTube

In the latter part of the video, he can be heard saying, “Sinasabi ko lang po Ma’am na P950.00 lang po kasi yung budget ko. So, kung kukunin ko po ‘to, baka meron kayong mare-recommend na  pangbaba na mga [around P450.00].” 

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Paulo Avelino defends Ivana Alawi 

Just when things are about to get settled, Ivana gets ganged up on by the two store owners. Ivana was punched, pinched, got her hair dragged—prompting Paulo to come to her defense. 

Paulo intervenes with, “Okay na po, Ma’am. Ma’am, relax lang po, relax lang. Ma’am okay na,” while shielding Ivana against the old lady. “Pasensya na po, relax lang po kayo,” Paulo insists. 

Paulo Avelino and Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi, Paulo Avelino
Screengrab from Ivana Alawi on YouTube

The next footage shows Ivana and Paulo in a room. While Ivana is lashing out and in a state of unrest, Paulo is calm and forgiving. He says, “Huwag na, kasi, matanda na rin syempre. Huwag mananakit ng senior, kahit gaano pa kasalbahe.” 

 “Hinga lang, upo ka muna,” he adds as he ushers Ivana to calm down. 

Screenshot 2024 05 01 104024
Ivana Alawi, Paulo Avelino
Screengrab from Ivana Alawi on Instagram

When the security personnel brings in the two store owners, Ivana then stages a catfight—which Paulo immediately mediated. Caught in between the three, Ivana then yells, “It’s a prank,” which immediately brings a smile to Paulo’s face. 

Netizens, in return, have admired Paulo’s civility towards the intense situation—much, his gentlemanly behavior in protecting Ivana. 

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