PBB Love Teams KoDrea, RalphGail Talk About Acting Improvements In “Teen Clash”

KoDrea and RalphGail have surely learned a thing about acting individually and as a love team

With the Black Sheep and iWantTFC series Teen Clash reaching its finale episode, love teams Kobie Brown and Andi Abaya (KoDrea) and Ralph Malibunas and Gail Banawis (RalphGail) look back on the lessons they learned from the project on its finale mediacon on May 24, 2023.

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The two onscreen pairs shared their improvements in acting based on experiences in their debut movie “Connected” in 2022 together with some former “Pinoy Big Brother: Connect” housemates.

PHOTO: ralphhmalibunas on Instagram


Ralph shared his past struggle of feeling nervous and conscious when acting in front of the camera for “Connected,” which led him to overthink his lines during scenes.

Although Gail affirmed this, she also said that this time around for “Teen Clash,” Ralph has gained confidence on set, even allowing her to learn from him during taping.

For Ralph, it is all thanks to the director and production staff of “Teen Clash” who helped him improve his acting abilities.

Sa set kasi, sobrang gaan lang talaga nila katrabaho kaya parang magagawa mo talaga siya nang okay and masaya ka,” he explained.

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PHOTO: ralphhmalibunas on Instagram

Meanwhile, both Gail and Ralph emphasized that as they became more comfortable with each other and practiced better communication, the naturalness of their acting as a love team also improved. 

Although the future for RalphGail remains uncertain, Gail feels “super grateful” that she has Ralph by her side in this journey.

Basta sobrang grateful lang ako na siya yung ka-loveteam ko at the moment. Kasi yung chemistry namin it’s hard to find and we can’t really manufacture it,” she shared.

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PHOTO: kobierhysbrown on Instagram


Similarly, Andi who also starred in “Connected,” “Love in 40 Days,” and “The Chosen One” before getting cast for “Teen Clash” shared her gratitude for past experiences that enabled her to not only execute her character in the series but to also grow as an artist.

“I was able to explore a wider range of emotions, I was able to explore more approaches, more techniques on how I could portray different kinds of characters and nakatulong talaga yun sa ‘kin sa pag-portray ko dito kay Mandy,” she explained.

Kobie, on the other hand, proudly shared the improvement of his Filipino speaking skills in “Teen Clash,” as he was given more Filipino lines in the script. With this, he looks forward to trying future roles that would allow him to do the same.

Aside from this, he also hopes to work again with his love team Andi and singer Fana who were part of their love triangle in “Teen Clash.”

PHOTO: iamandiabaya on Instagram

Although KoDrea has already worked together as a love team in their past shows, they experienced a breath of fresh air in “Teen Clash: as their characters were in a love triangle with Fana.

With this, Andi highlighted the importance of working as a team to create chemistry not just with his leading man but also with their love triangle.

Hindi pwede na dahil si Kobie yung love team ko, sa kanya lang ako dapat may chemistry. Of course, I have to work on that chemistry with Fana as well.”

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PHOTO: ralphhmalibunas on Instagram

KoDrea and RalphGail worked alongside Jayda Avanzado, Aljon Mendoza, Markus Paterson, Bianca De Vera, Fana, Zach Castañeda, and Luke Alford for Teen Clash. Full episodes of the series are available for viewing on iWantTFC. It is also set to air sometime soon on free TV via A2Z.

Words Ria Javate
Interview Jimpy Anarcon
Banner Image Dani Sison

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