REVIEW: Xian Lim Plays The Bad Guy, Sanya Lopez Steals The Show In “Playtime”

“Playtime” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats

GMA Pictures and VIVA Films’ latest offering, “Playtime,” presents a timely yet thrilling story about how three ladies met in an unusual, dangerous circumstance after trusting a seemingly perfect but apparently vicious man.

“Playtime,” helmed by esteemed director Mark Reyes who also conceptualized the film, marks the first collaboration of Sanya Lopez, Faye Lorenzo, Coleen Garcia, and Xian Lim on the big screen.

It tells the story of three ladies Allison (Sanya), Roni (Coleen), and Patricia (Faye) who find themselves in a dangerous matter-of-life-and-death game orchestrated by the deceiving Lucas (Xian).

Playtime cast

As Lucas’ “playtime” starts, the three girls find themselves in a thrilling game that, when played wrong, can end their lives.

This FreebieMNL review gives five reasons why or why not “Playtime” is worth a trip to the cinemas.

Xian Lim can be effective in portraying a dark character

    Veering away from his boy-next-door, leading-man image, Xian Lim tackles for the first time a dark character in “Playtime,” and it seems like he has found a new niche in his acting career.

    As Lucas, Xian becomes effective in instilling thrill and fear in the three ladies, especially in scenes where he starts hunting them down one by one. He was able to deliver his threats in different tones that intensified the suspense even more, matching the girls’ energy as they fought for their lives.

    Xian was also able to pull off those subtle moments where he gives a hint of the character’s scary nature, especially in the scene where he nonchalantly points out a knife at Coleen Garcia’s character.

    There were times, however, when his facial expression wouldn’t match his outbursts as his face was emotionless. But it could also be his way to terrorize not only the ladies but the viewers as well.

    Of course, Xian does it best in his pretty boy scenes that when the truth about his character unravels, the viewers are in for a surprise.

    But what seems to be lacking from Xian’s character is a deeper motivation on why Lucas became the person that he is. While there was a short scene explaining the intentions of the character—which is actually a plot twist of the film—it could be better if his backstory was discussed.

    Xian Lim as Lucas
    Xian Lim as Lucas

    Sanya Lopez steals the show through drama and humor

    Sanya Lopez has proven in this film that she has matured as an actress and as a person as well.

    Sanya effectively steals the scene in one part of the movie where she has to strip off and dance in front of Xian. Instead of just dancing while in tears of fear, Sanya decides to bring out laughter from the audience when she incorporates a popular TikTok dance step.

    The scene not only shows how effective Sanya is in bringing out different emotions from viewers, but it is also a testament to how she has grown as an actress as she was the one who thought of injecting humor into the scene.

    Of course, Sanya expectedly delivered in her outburst and breakdown scenes, especially in her final confrontation with Xian.

    Xian Lim Sanya Lopez dance

    Coleen Garcia and Faye Lorenzo had their own shining moments

    Coleen Garcia is endearing as Roni, a seemingly perfect woman who just wants to satiate her thirst for becoming adventurous before she gets married.

    Coleen, who is known for being smart and articulate in real life, displays this demeanor in the film which contributes to the charm of her character.

    Faye Lorenzo, on the other hand, is also a scene-stealer for being the quirky but smart and sneaky Patricia. She was able to give justice to a well-written character who completes the suspense.

    Faye was able to deliver her punchlines well enough to elicit laughter from the audience—a good break from the film’s dark vibe.

    Sanya Lopez Faye Lorenzo Coleen Garcia

    “Playtime” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats

    “Playtime” is good for viewers who are looking for thrill, excitement, and suspense.

    Direk Mark Reyes knows which elements to put to bring out a suspenseful atmosphere. The scenes leading to the hunt are good enough to elicit shrieks from the audience, especially in the first part of the film when Lucas gives a chance to one of the ladies to escape.

    The script and direction were also able to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as they waited for what would happen next and rooted for the ladies to escape and win the game.

    The film’s eerie and quiet atmosphere allows the viewer to feel the ladies’ experience—running and hiding with them as they fight for their lives.

    The last few scenes take the viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride. There was that feeling of defeat and anger for the loss of a friend. There was thrill and fear as they fought for survival, and finally, satisfaction and victory when justice was served.

    Xian Lim and Sanya Lopez Playtime

    “Playtime” gives a valuable lesson about trust

    But most importantly, “Playtime” brings out a timely lesson about trust.

    That not all those guys (or girls) who seemingly look perfect, good-looking, and heroic are safe, and that sound judgment should still prevail.

    That not everyone who has the same goal as yours should be trusted—especially when survival is the name of the game.

    And that there are people who will support each other and sacrifice themselves for the good of the other.

    It also gives a lesson on being careful about what we say on social media, as our opinions—no matter how small or big our following is—can influence others, for better or worse.

    “Playtime” is directed by Mark Reyes, with a script he wrote with Dustin Celestino and Noreen Capili.

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