Rihanna Is Headlining The 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Put your hands up high, the queen is back!

After laying low since the birth of her first child in May, Rihanna has surprised us with big news. At long last, the multi-hyphenate pop star is back in the groove and she’s come to slay!

Singer, songwriter, performer, model, and now a mother. There’s nothing our queen, Rihanna, can’t do. The pop star just left fans and fellow celebrities in shock after posting an image on Instagram

The Instagram post got a lot of attention as everyone knows Rhianna has been edging us for years for new music but to no avail. The photo reveals Rhianna’s hand, holding out an American football with a caption that plainly states “. ” (period). 

Fellow celebrities like Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, and Lizzo, were just as excited as any normal fan. To see Rihanna after months now performing again with music that has shaped pop so much is something to see.

It’s expected that Twitter would blow this big news up. But, nothing prepared us with the way that food brands did in their recent posts. 

Food brands can be seen throughout social media posting their own recreations of Rihanna’s super bowl announcement. It’s absolutely hilarious. Riri’s impact is just unquestionable.

Dairy Queen


Sonic Drive-In

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Whether you’re into football or not, everyone can agree that the half-time show is a completely separate faction from the actual super bowl. And if there’s anyone who can put on a show during the super bowl, it’s our queen Rihanna. Be sure to follow her on her Instagram to stay updated on what else the queen has for us.

Feature Image Daniella Sison

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