Robi Domingo Seeks Tips From Netizens About Husband Duties

Robi might learn a thing or two from Matteo Guidicelli!

Robi Domingo goes full-on husband mode as he humorously asks netizens what other things does he have to bear in mind upon marrying Maiqui Pineda. 

On Monday, January 18, 2024, the 34-year-old celebrity host sought the advice of netizens from X (formerly Twitter) about other husband duties he might have missed. 

He writes, “Note to self: 1. Ihiwalay ang puti sa decolor. 2. Ibaba ang toilet seat. 3. Magwalis, para happy si misis. [heart emojis]. May suggestions and tips pa kayo?” 

Netizens, in return, have offered Robi little yet helpful reminders about household chores. From washing the dishes, properly using the toothpaste, even to cooking,  several accounts flocked to help Robi with his question. 

One user writes, “Takpan po ang toothpaste tub, sir,” while another account emphasizes the need to maintain stuff that “Misis Domingo” usually uses. 

A female X user also gives helpful insights on how to work life out through simple things. She writes, “Return the stuff back where it came from. Pag may period siya, make sure na comfortable siya. 

Habaan ang pasensiya, wag salubungin ang galit nung isa. It helps na team player ang partners to make things work out kahit saan man aspeto ng buhay ninyo, praying for you both [heart emoji]”

More than the influx of advice Robi had received from netizens, it looks like he is in for more tips after Matteo Guidicelli quote-retweeted his post and said, “Txt me.” 

Robi Domingo ties the knot with Maiqui Pineda 

Robi and Maiqui exchanged wedding vows on January 6, 2024 in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Diocesan Shrine and Parish of San Isidro Labrador in Bulacan. 

However, what started off as a celebratory moment for the newlyweds was then turned into mourning when Robi’s grandmother passed away the same day. 

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Robi and Maiqui’s wedding pushed through even after it was revealed in 2023 that Maiqui is currently battling a rare autoimmune condition called dermatomyositis

In a revelation shared by Maiqui on Instagram, she says, “What was supposed to be an exciting year of wedding planning, preparing for a new home and working on my career, life had other plans for me… I got sick. 

“I have a rare autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis that causes muscle weakness, inflammation, and a skin rash.” 

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