Ruffa Gutierrez Confirms Romance With Herbert Bautista: “It’s Always Been Serious”

How did Herbert convince Ruffa to return to school?

Ruffa Gutierrez has confirmed her relationship with politician-actor Herbert Bautista. 

The 49-year-old actress has spilled the beans in an interview with Karen Davila, which was also graced by her two daughters, Lorin and Venice Bektas. 

According to Ruffa, she sees her relationship with Herbert seriously—emphasizing that she would not take any less than that. 

She says, “It’s always been serious. I think now it’s just better that a quiet personal life leads to more happiness. I’ll never go into a relationship that’s not serious. I’m always the serious type.” 

Ruffa Gutierrez
Ruffa Gutierrez
IMAGE: iloveruffag on Instagram

Their romance started back in 2020—when they were taping for the digital series “The House Arrest Of Us,” bannered by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. 

She also said that there was pretty much a lot to appreciate about Herbert, including the time the actor let Venice and Lorin go with them on their first date. 

Ruffa recalls, “They were included on our first date. Very proper. Sinundo kami sa bahay ‘tapos sinama yung mga anak ko. Sabi [niya], ‘I wanna meet them and to make sure that they’re okay with him and everyone is comfortable’ and that was Christmas time.” 

Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughters supportive of their mom’s love life 

Ruffa has her daughters’ approval of her new romance, saying that as long as their mother is happy, then there would not be any problem about who she loves at all. 

Lorin says, “I don’t want anything specific for her. I want her to be happy and whatever that looks like. So, I never really thought too much about. Me and my sister don’t get too overly involved.”

Venice adds, “Her current partner now, he’s lovely, he’s a nice guy, he suits her really well, and she is ecstatic about him. Of course, I’m very happy for and again if she’s happy then I’m happy. 

Lorin also says that Herbert encouraged Ruffa to pursue education during the pandemic—saying that such a gesture indicates a strong connection and authenticity between the couple. 

She says, “I do think that the telltale sign that this is real and this is a really strong connection is that he helped her get back into school and really encouraged that for her.” 

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Ruffa Gutierrez, daughters Lorin and Venice
IMAGE: iloveruffag on Instagram

Ruffa elaborates, “I graduated college during the pandemic and I remember when [Herbert and I] first met or reconnected again on the set of ‘The House Arrest Of Us,’ sabi niya, ‘Mag-aral ka ulit, matalino ka.’

“Sabi ko, ‘Yeah, I’m doing short courses now since it’s the pandemic.’ [He replied], ‘Hindi, tapusin mo ang college mo, kayang kaya mo yan.’” 

With the encouragement she got from Herbert, Ruffa reveals that she’s also motivated to finish her masters degree. She says, “The last time I was in school, I was 16 and now I’m in my 40s. It was something new to me and once I graduated, my professors were also encouragin me, ‘Tapusin mo na, mag-masters ka pa.’ 

“Now, I’m doing my masters. I’m almost at the end of the road. I want to set an example for the children na kung kaya ko, kaya niyo rin.” 

All things considered, Ruffa has her eyes on building a more stable future, making sure that “the next step will be something that [she] can fall back on.” 

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