Clueless US TikToker Randomly Interviews Anne Curtis

An oblivious TikTok star just met “The Anne Curtis” on a street of New York!

TikTok personality Shan Rizwan has gained the attention of social media after an oblivious, random street interview with one of the Philippines’ A-list celebrities, Anne Curtis

In Shan’s TikTok video uploaded on June 7, 2023, Anne is seen answering a set of questions—most of which center on Anne’s personal life and career. 

The 38-year-old actress was asked her name and place of residence, to which she replied, “Anne, the Philippines.” Shan then asks if Anne loves her job. She answers, “Yes, I love my job. It is my dream job.” 

The TikTok figure follows up the question by asking Anne how much she’s making. However, she refuses to disclose since according to her, “It’s pretty personal.”

It is succeeded by the question, “What did you study in school?” to which she says, “I actually did one sem of early education.”

A short, “Yeah, sometimes” comes as Anne’s answer when asked if her work requires her to travel a lot. 

Guessing Jobs In New York City
IMAGE: @annecurtissmith on Instagram

The last question goes: “Do you have your own business? Like, you sell products?” Anne responds, “Yes.”

When asked if it is clothing, Anne corrects, “No, makeup. BLK cosmetics.” 

The short exchange has gained the attention of many TikTok users, with many pointing out how big of a deal Anne Curtis is. As of this writing, the TikTok video has raked up a massive 3 million likes, with comments surging up to 33,000.

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Shan Rizwan and his content 

The internet celebrity has a total of 1.6 million followers on TikTok. Much of his popularity was anchored on his content of having casual interviews on the streets of New York. 

One of the more popular videos he has uploaded is a random interview with “Afterglow” singer Ed Sheeran, wherein he asks the singer what song he is currently listening to. Ed replies with “Little Things”—a song of the then boy group One Direction. 

Anne Curtis lately 

Anne Curtis, on the other hand, is a regular host of ABS-CBN’s noontime program “It’s Showtime.” 

The A-list celebrity has recently taken an acting refresher course in preparation for an Erik Matti-helmed movie “Buy Bust: The Undesirables.” The film is the second installation of 2018 box office hit “Buy Bust” also starring Anne Curtis. 

She is married to Erwan Heussaff—a popular food blogger in the Philippines who was recently recognized by the James Beard Media Awards as a media leader in the food industry. The couple has a daughter Dahlia Amelie. 

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IMAGE: @annecurtissmith on Instagram

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