She’s got range: Shin Hye Sun shows acting prowess in her diverse roles

While most of the actors and actresses we love are household names that have been in lead roles for who knows how long, one actress slowly making a name for herself is Shin Hye Sun. She’s been in the industry for years now and her roles just keep getting better and better. She first starred in School 2013 as a character with barely any lines and then she got supporting roles in a lot of popular dramas. She eventually got her first main lead drama in 2017 and everything that came after that is just proof of her acting prowess because of how diverse her roles are. 

It doesn’t matter what type of drama she’s in because Shin Hye Sun never fails to embody her character completely. It’s so much easier to immerse yourself in the story because her characters are always so convincing. 

Even though her small supporting roles are memorable, her lead roles are on another level. From acting as an icy ballerina to a queen with the spirit of a male chef, here are four of Shin Hye Sun’s diverse lead roles. 

Mr. Queen 

Shin Hye Sun’s most recent drama is Mr. Queen and it’s her most outrageous one yet. While we’ve seen numerous actresses act in historical dramas, none of them acts like a perverted man stuck inside the body of a queen. Her acting’s so good that you’re actually convinced that the character is actually the man from the 21st century even though Shin Hye Sun dons queenly garments.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Shin Hye Sun’s character in this drama is almost a throwback to her villainy roles because of how cold and mean her personality is in the first few episodes. Despite that, you can’t help but cry with her in her more emotional scenes. Even with her lack of professional training, her ballet scenes are so well acted that even if she went head to head with a real ballet dancer, you’ll actually prefer her performance because of how well she interpreted the dance.

Still 17

In Still 17, Shin Hye Sun’s character must adjust to life as a 30-year-old after waking up from a 13-year coma. Because of this, she had to act like a 17-year-old who is trying hard to act like an adult. While this drama is cute and fluffy, there are a couple of heartbreaking scenes as well. Shin Hye Sun shines in all of them.

The Hymn of Death 

Hymn of Death is one of her more serious dramas because it’s about the tragic love story of Korea’s first-ever professional soprano singer. Even though the drama only has three episodes, Shin Hye Sun was able to bring the sad reality of her character to life.

Do you have a favorite Shin Hye Sun role?


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