Alessandra De Rossi is taking trolls to school, and we love every bit of it

Alessandra De Rossi is taking trolls to school, and we love every bit of it
(Image from Instagram: @msderossi; Screengrabs from Twitter: @msderossi)

Usually, when you see trolls heckling the hell out of you on social media, you step back and snub them. But not Alessandra de Rossi. Lately, she’s attracted a platoon of “paid” trolls on Twitter due to her criticisms (with a dash of sarcasm!) aimed at the government’s poor pandemic response.

But despite the barrage of hate, she’s not flinching at these faceless accounts with near-zero followers. 

Knowing how trolls would resort to ad hominem attacks, cursing at De Rossi for being “laos” and out of a job, the Through Night and Day actress clarified last April 8 that she hasn’t taken up any acting gigs since the pandemic began believing things will get better. It didn’t, and — spoiler alert — it doesn’t look like it will soon. However, she clarified that she’s “jobless by choice,” posting photos of her conversations as proof of her turning down role offers. 

On the flip side, De Rossi now has all the time in the world not only to call out the government for the very inefficiency that deprived her of a job, but also to burn these Twitter trolls to the ground.

Alex claiming that trolls are trained on her because it’s payday? Priceless. 

Sana all special like Ms. De Rossi.

She even took a jab at Banat By, an apologist of the current administration. He really thought he can ride on women’s coattails and make them turn on each other? Whack.

To all the trolls, let Ms. De Rossi’s response be: kita kits before the 30th!

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