Angelina Jolie is Selling Brad Pitt’s Ultra Rare Multimillion Dollar Gift

While getting rid of gifts from your exes is normal, celebrities do it at a grander scale. Case in point: Angelina Jolie is selling a multimillion-dollar painting once gifted to her by ex-husband Brad Pitt.

You may be wondering what makes that painting so special. According to CNN, that particular work of art was the only painting created by none other than British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II. It is expected to fetch up to $3.4 million at auction.

Named “Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque,” the painting was made by Churchill during his visit to Marrakech, Morocco in January 1943. He then gave it to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Pitt acquired the said piece in 2011 from high-end antique dealer M.S. Rau as a gift for his then-wife. The couple separated in 2016 after two years of marriage, and their divorce has yet to be finalized. They share six kids together, three of which are adopted. 

Jolie and her children currently live in Los Angeles, just five minutes away from her equally famous ex. So how’s their family dealing with the ongoing pandemic? When British Vogue asked if she was in a happy stage in her life, Jolie replied candidly, “I don’t know. The past few years have been pretty hard. I’ve been focusing on healing our family. It’s slowly coming back, like the ice melting and the blood returning to my body.”

It may be naive to still root for Team Brangelina, but it’s nice to know that the family is doing their best to move on as best as they can. Life goes on, after all. 

The artwork is due to go on sale on March 1.

Thumbnail from Entertainment Tonight


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