Aubrey Miles just bought a P300,000 plant!

Aubrey Miles is no stranger when it comes to taking care of plants at home. She even officially called herself “A Mother Plant” on her Instagram bio!

If you’ll take a quick look on her profile, you would see her usual workout routines with husband Troy Montero and a number of plants in her collection!

What might surprise most of the “plantitas” is how much she spend on her ‘babies’ (Miles has always shared that she treats her plants as her babies too) and the most expensive plant she bought is at P300,000.

In an interview with Summit Media, she admitted to buying an expensive plant called variegated billietiae.

“Oh my God, the most expensive one is the… Nakakahiyang sabihin. You know sometimes when they ask me, parang I feel like they think I’m crazy or insane to pay that much. Probably the most is P300,000,” she said.

“Yes, it’s crazy. Then some are like P100,000, P150,000,” she added.

She also shared a tip and making most out her beloved plants.

“Propagation is when you cut them then grow and then I sell them to get my money back,” she said.

The actress shared that her love for plants started 11 years ago and she now have over 100 species in her plant collection.


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