‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star Stephanie Beatriz welcomes first child

“I’m very very in awe of the entire experience of having a kiddo,” Beatriz shared.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star Stephanie Beatriz welcomes first child
(Image: Valerie Macon/Getty)

Stephanie Beatriz, who plays the intense detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has announced the birth of her first baby!

Beatriz, 40, shared news of the birth of her baby girl with husband Brad Hoss on Instagram on Sunday. And the name could not be any cuter: Rosaline — “pronounced Roz-uh-line,” according to Beatriz — which sounds like her character’s name in the hit cop comedy.

“BÉBÉ HAS ARRIVED in style (and more importantly SAFETY) in @nuna_usa’s Pipa car seat,” Beatriz started her caption. 

“I’m very very in awe of the entire experience of having a kiddo,” she continued.”Itt is INCREDIBLE and HARD AF and BEAUTIFUL and EMOTIONAL, and I can’t remember ever being this amazed and feeling so overwhelmingly full of gratitude.”

 ended with some sweet words to her firstborn: “Roz, you are so cool.”


Beatriz first revealed the news of her pregnancy with Hoss, whom she married back in 2018, in an exclusive interview to PEOPLE Magazine last June. 

“I think one of the best things you can do is raise a kid who understands that however a person chooses to shape their one glorious life is worthy of celebration,” Beatriz said about raising their child to a life of equality. This is a value that’s extremely close to Beatriz, who is a proud bisexual.


The In The Heights actress also shared back then how she didn’t expect to settle down anytime soon, yet now embraces a committed relationship and a budding life as a mother: “I didn’t think that a committed partnership was really for me. I couldn’t really see kids. It wasn’t that I was closed off to it. It was more that I couldn’t quite see how a baby fit into the life that I was building.”

Congratulations, Stephanie!

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