FreebieMNL - Cara Delevingne’s Home is as Eccentric as Her

Cara Delevingne’s Home is as Eccentric as Her

Cara Delevigne’s New L.A. home is anything but boring. It’s a mishmash of different styles, which is reflective of the various roles and characters she’s had to play. There’s a Mad Hatter’s Party, jungle-centric décor, a touch of The Beverly Hills Hotel, a bit of L.A., and plants galore all within the Old English-style home.

A Warm Welcome

This house is one of her favorite places to be and she refers to it as an adult playhouse. Lion statues guard the entrance where you’ll enter through cobalt blue French doors. When she bought the house, it was mostly black and white and she wanted to brighten everything up. The hard floors were not gentle on her feet, so she has a mini razor scooter around to help her scoot from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Cara Delevingne's Home is as Eccentric as Her
Photo: Laure Joliet/Architectural Digest


One of Cara’s favorites — which you’ll see a continuation of around the house — are the walls adorned with Gucci Heron wallpaper. Following the theme of nature, she also has a snake carpet in the billiards room, a climbing leopard carpet on the stairs leading to her upper-floor playroom, and bird sculptures by Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante.

Photo: Laure Joliet/Architectural Digest

Fun and Games Room

It’s not a playhouse if there weren’t a games room. While it’s technically a drawing-room, she converted it to a fun area where her see-through piano sits, a Playboy Pinball machine stands, and where you’ll find the entrance to the Vagina Tunnel which leads to another bedroom. “I come in here to think. I come in here to create. I feel inspired in the Vagina Tunnel,” Cara remarks.

Photo: Laure Joliet/Architectural Digest

Random Collections

Other themed rooms spread across her whimsical manor is the David Bowie Bathroom, the David Lynch-inspired poker room, a ball pit, a movie room, and a band room. She also likes to collect Japanese puzzle boxes and has a collection of hats for every occasion. “A lot of what this house is based on is, like, in my job and everything that I do. I have to wear a lot of different hats,” she explains to Architectural Digest.

Photo: Laure Joliet/Architectural Digest

Cara admits the pool was one of the reasons why she bought the house. It was different from every other house she’d seen and you can see that she poured a lot of her personality into it. Every room has a different theme, but it still feels coherent thanks to the brilliancy of Architect Nicolo Bini.  

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