Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington Casted in ‘School for Good and Evil’ Adaptation

We’ve been getting more and more book adaptation news lately; one of the upcoming ones to look out for is Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil. And the newest additions to the cast? None other than big Hollywood names Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington. 

Theron will be playing Lady Lesso, the Dean of the School of Evil, while Washington is taking on the role of Professor Clarissa Dovey, the Dean of Good. Both actresses have impressive filmographies with many of their best performances being their roles as fierce women in power, so fans naturally cheered about how perfect they are for the parts.

When the casting was announced, Washington quote tweeted it with the caption, “Good always prevails over evil…did you miss the memo?” while tagging Theron. Theron then tweeted, “Oh it’s on @kerrywashington. Where all my witches at?!” So, it’s pretty clear that the actresses are excited about their roles in the film. 

The Netflix adaptation will be directed by Paul Feig, who has worked on several notable projects such as GhostbustersBridesmaids, and The Office. It is based on the 2013 novel — the first in the six-book series — of the same name by Soman Chainani.

The series is set in a fantasy world where, every four years, two children are transported to The School for Good and Evil, where kids are either trained to be a hero or a villain. Sophie hopes to be one of those kids, dreaming about going to the School of Good and someday be a princess. Meanwhile, her best friend Agatha, with her grim attitude, seems to be perfect for the School of Evil. But when they end up in the schools opposite of what they had imagined — with Sophie in the School of Evil and Agatha in the School of Good — they’re forced to learn things about themselves and their friendship that they never knew before.  

Broadway actress best known for role in Beetlejuice Sophia Anne Caruso and Disney star Sofia Wylie, who you may know from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, will be playing Sophie and Agatha respectively. 

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