Check Out These Local Celebrity Pets

Isn’t it fun to know that your favorite celebrities are dedicated pet parents like the rest of us? These local celebs own a variety of furry companions, of all shapes and sizes, so let’s get to know them!

Nadine Lustre

It only makes sense that as a staunch supporter of animal rights, Nadine Lustre has her very own pet to love and care for. Calcifer Dante Pendragon, named after characters in the Hayao Miyazaki film Howl’s Moving Castle and video game series Devil May Cry, is shared between Lustre and dad/owner James Reid. Keep up to date with his everyday life here.

Heart Evangelista

Everybody knows the famous Panda Evangelista! This Aspin beauty was rescued by Evangelista in Batangas and has been known to live the good, good life. Adorned in Goyard collars and Hermès scarves, Panda lives lavishly alongside fellow rescues Cheche, Mina, and Evangelista’s longtime companion Yogi.

Sharon Cuneta

“Megastar” Sharon Cuneta is a self-proclaimed dog-lover and dedicated furparent to over seven pets. Most recently, the accomplished singer made headlines by adopting a stray dog while on set for her new film Revirginized. Pawi, Cuneta’s newest furbaby, joins the Cuneta clan with Bella, Twinkie, Cookie, Wookie, Pippi, Halle, Pixie, Chibi, and Toby.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Another self-proclaimed dog-lover, Jasmine Curtis-Smith enjoys life with her “bochogs” Papito and Waffle, and exotic shorthair cat Scout Ranger. Curtis-Smith often spends her time caring for the three pets and regularly updating their Instagram page.

Daniel Matsunaga

Actor Daniel Matsunaga and model sister Vanessa Matsunaga own a total of nine Alaskan Malamutes, one Caucasian, one Yorkshire, one poodle, and two Lhasa Apsos that reside in Brazil. Whew! Both Matsunagas advocate for spay and neuter for pet health as well as responsible pet ownership.

KC Concepcion

Check Out These Local Celebrity Pets
Photo from Philippine News

Daughter of songstress Sharon Cuneta, KC Concepcion inherited her mother’s love for dogs as she owns two small furbabies herself. Churro and Chica are two fluffy brown poms that live happily with Concepcion and teach her every day how meaningful being a furparent can be.


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