Daniel Padilla Answers Questions Kathryn Has Never Asked Before

On Valentine’s Day Episode that Kathryn Bernardo uploaded on her YouTube channel, she asks Daniel Padilla questions she never had before. The celebrity couple has been together for almost 9 years now, with their anniversary approaching in May. But even then, she realizes there are things she still doesn’t know about her partner and hopes the viewers get to know him better, too.

His Idea of a Perfect Day

Because DJ doesn’t usually have breakfast, he’ll start his morning with a cup of tea with honey. He’ll want to see his family or visitors if any, and maybe play badminton with them if it’s sunny out. He considers a perfect day as one where he’s able to be productive and do things not only for himself but also make other people happy.  


What Makes Him Feel Most Loved?

He appreciates it when people check up on him and ask how he’s doing, even if it was someone who hasn’t connected with for some time. Just a text or call would make all the difference. Kathryn shares the same sentiments, adding that it’s about knowing that they’re there for you especially during difficult times.


Marriage and Kids

One thing the couple values the most about their relationship is their respect for one another. The singer/actor says they’re in no rush to get married. Right now, they still have other priorities but eventually, they will get there. As for children, they both agree that they’ll probably want 2. Kathryn prefers a girl and a boy, but DJ is fine with either.  


His Favorite Memory with Kathryn

If there’s only one memory he could keep of the both of them, it would be their first visit to Paris. On the way home from Iceland, they stopped by the city of love. It was the best 6 hours because they were able to have that Parisian experience in a short period. The couple ate, hung out, and witnessed someone sing an operatic.


It may have taken some convincing to get Daniel to guest on her channel, but at least she and her viewers got some answers.  Watch the full video here.


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