Heart Evangelista has entered the world of NFTs

The celebrity-slash-socialite could earn as much as $3 million dollars for a painting.

Heart Evangelista has entered the world of NFTs
(Image from Instagram: @iamhearte)

When she’s not busy shooting for endorsements and magazine coversHeart Evangelista spends her time honing her craft as a painter. We’ve already talked extensively about her once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd and her passion for turning everyday objects into her personal canvas, but the socialite’s next step might see her explore the digital world of non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

On social media, Heart shared that she had been studying the world of NFTs.

“I spent the last few months studying the exciting world of NFTs! It’s a new kind of digital art that is secured by blockchain technology and can take many digital forms including art, videos, and music,” Heart said. “It’s such an interesting combination of art and technology that lets artists express themselves in a whole new way!”

She also revealed that she has collaborated with top Filipino artists and experts to create her first-ever NFTs. Made with the help of Luis Buenaventura, one of the first and most talented NFT artists, and Rodel Colmenar, composer of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Heart’s first NFTs is set to go on sale next month.


“It’s such a thrill to work with these talented artists to bring these NFT pieces to life and I’m so excited to share them with you on @opensea starting on November 4,” shared Heart.

In an interview with Karen Davila last month, Heart shared that a particular challenge she’s considered once she opens her NFTs to the public is the attachment to her art. “Whoever ends up buying [the NFT], the painting can go to them. Some people when they buy the digital painting, they will destroy the original painting so it becomes more expensive,” she said, per ABS-CBN News.

She nonetheless remains interested, as a particular painting could sell for up to $3 million (around P150 million) as an NFT. “It’s a different world,” Heart tells Davila.


The country’s icon of a “Crazy rich Asian,” Heart has been dabbling with art since she was 12 years old. After garnering success as an actress and a celebrity endorser for some of the world’s top fashion brands, Heart poured her, well, heart into painting. She has particularly earned fame for her hand-painted handbags, which she has created in collaboration with the likes of BirkinHermès, and Prada.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets, such as images and video clips, that can be bought and sold with cryptocurrency. Think of these as super rare collector items in virtual form. They are sold on digital platforms like Valuables, a blockchain-powered social media network, which tracks and verifies the ownership of each asset through encryption.

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