How Well Do You Know Bretman Rock?

From doing silly Vines and entertaining YouTube, Bretman Rock has come a long way. After successfully collaborating with countless brands and content creators, he has now manifested the reality show he’s been wanting. But how well do you know the singer, songwriter, actor/actress, athlete, activist, a scientist on the side, the star of the crystal of the day, coconut water connoisseur, and the newest MTV star?

Proud Ilocano

Moving to Hawaii from the Philippines at a young age hasn’t always glamorous for this influencer. Bretman recalls his first paycheck was exactly $82.70, but as his channel grew and brand deals followed, he was able to move out of his relatives’ home. At 17 years old and having just graduated from James Campbell High School, he was able to get his own place in Kapolei.  

He has always been protective and caring of his family, especially of mama Mercy, and babysits his sister’s children from time to time.

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The Baddest Channel

Since joining YouTube in 2012, Bretman has accumulated over 8 million subscribers and a total view count of 500 million. His strong personality and humor are what draws viewers in, with some of his most viral videos being his funny moments with his sister and make-up tutorials. (Remember when contouring was still a thing?)

The popularity of Instagram stories also led him to upload daily reviews of crystals, coconut water, and mascaras while color coordinating with the product. Trust Bretman to be that extra.


As a Leo born on July 31, 1998, it isn’t surprising that Bretman’s favorite animal is a lion. His first pet was a Guinea pig named Guinea and he currently has 4 cats, a dog, and a turtle with the wittiest names. They are Shookira, Sushi Webster, twins Aimah and Eiisa, Woofiana, and Ula Rocky Grr #SaveTheTurtles.

Because of his fondness for animals, it’s no wonder Princess and Kiefer thought his dream job as a kid was to become a veterinarian. It turns out he aspired to be a firefighter.

Do you know Bretman Rock better than his sister Princess Mae, cousin/assistant Miss Kay, and best friend Larry? Catch him and the cast of MTV’s Following on YouTube where they won’t be holding back.

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