“I will come for you”: Markus Paterson sends warning to son’s “haters”

“I will come for you”: Markus Paterson sends warning to son’s “haters”
(Image: @markus; Screengrab from Twitter: @markuspaterson)

“Be ready for your consequences.”

That was the stern warning issued by the latest celebrity parents Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador to social media users who are making fun of their son Jude.

Last Wednesday, Paterson and Salvador tackled the subject of cyberbullying by posting screenshots of comments made by several social media users about their son’s appearance. The flurry of comments stemmed from a post by fellow celebrity Erich Gonzales, who posed with baby Jude to greet Salvador on her 23rd birthday.

I don’t want any more negativity on my page but I am in disbelief at how cruel people can really be,” Salvador wrote under the post. She then tweeted a separate photo of one of her son’s aggressors.

“Your humor must be really f*cked up to make fun of a baby,” she said. “I can take all the bashing in the world directed at me with grace, but direct it at my innocent son and you’ll definitely hear from me.”

Salvador then advised other people to exercise caution when practicing their right to voice their opinion online. ” Social media, freedom of speech and having your own opinion DO NOT give you the right to be rude and to cyber-bully. Some of you really need to learn your lesson so be ready for your consequences,” she said.

Paterson did the same on his own Twitter account, where the 22-year-old actor threatened to come for those who come after his son.

“People like this make me sick, wala pang isang taon anak ko and ya’ll making fun of a NEWBORN,” Paterson wrote in the caption. “For the people in this post, I have no words other than I hope you someday find the happiness you need to fulfill that hole in your hearts,” he added underneath the tweet.

The couple introduced their newborn, baby Jude Trevor Paterson, to the public last January through a heartfelt vlog. They returned to the Philippines last February, then celebrated their 2nd anniversary as a couple last March.

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