ICYMI: Why Lang Leav threw shade after shade on Twitter after a “jobless” joke

Image from Instagram: @langleav

Some may call it petty, but IG poet Lang Leav calls it standing her ground.

Last week, the Australian Instagram poet became Twitter’s trending topic after she responded to a tweet that jokingly called her “jobless”:

This was after a user, @call_me_jason, received a text from a Lazada courier that remarkably resembled Lang Leav’s style of verse cuts. It read:

“Good day! This is

From Lazada

We would like to inform you

That your parcel

Will deliver


Thank you”

Leav then replied with a brazen tweet saying that she may be “jobless,” but that’s only after selling “millions of books.” Then, the poet followed this up with a thread full of pre-selected poems, showing that her writing format could not be further from what people thought it was (which included, well, six poems):

Now, we can’t really say where it got lost in translation — the joke could have gone over the poet’s head, or Lang Leav also responded with similar sarcasm. Regardless, Twitter went wild and poured fuel into the fire by calling out the poet’s… sassy response.

Well… they did NOT hold back.

Still, Lang Leav played a good sport when the online scuffle finally subsided, chalking it up to our culture being “quirky and awesome”:

And then all was forgotten.

To be fair to the poet, not only did she act calm and collected throughout the melee, but in recent days, she has also used her platform to promote ongoing relief operations for those impacted by Typhoon Ulysses.

You got to give it to her — she may not have our sense of humor, but at least she has heart!


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