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“It’s Always Been My Dream:” Arci Muñoz Opens Own Korean-Japanese Restaurant

Arci Muñoz has fulfilled her entrepreneurial dreams with the opening of her Korean-Japanese restaurant Yoshimeatsu in Greenhills.

The singer-actress shared that she started planning for her business back in 2019, but its opening got delayed for a while due to the pandemic. “We already conceptualized everything last 2019 pa but of course, with the pandemic looming, and with everything that’s happening in the world, we decided to temporarily stop construction,” she said.

Pero life goes on and also we are thinking about our employees–that they have to work, they have to make a living. And why would we let this pandemic stop us from reaching our goals?”

Photos: Instagram/yoshimeatsu_greenhills, Instagram/ramonathornes

Arci said that she was able to turn her dream of having her own restaurant into a reality with the help of her friends.

“It’s always been my dream to start my own restaurant or to have my own company. And with the help of my really good friends, we were able to achieve this even in this time of… challenging times as I must say.”

The 32-year-old entrepreneur told aspiring restaurant owners to continue pursuing their dreams despite the challenges they may encounter. “Don’t let this pandemic stop you from reaching your goals.”

Ito kami ngayon, though alam naman natin na it’s really hard to start up a new business at this moment, at this time, pero everything is getting better now.”

She also shared that her restaurant reflects her love for the South Korean boy band BTS.

“We hope to see you here and we hope that you’ll enjoy the food and the ambiance because everything is BTS here, everything that is close to my heart. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do,” she said.

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