Jake Zyrus has a message for those who miss Charice

Jake Zyrus has a message for those who miss Charice
(Source: Jake Zyrus’s Instagram page)

Jake Zyrus, formerly known as Charice Pempengco, has had enough of people making snide remarks about his sexuality. In 2017, he came out to the world as a trans man, and has been enduring the stigma of transphobia since then. 

In a now-deleted Instagram story, Zyrus addressed ‘entitled’ people who claimed they ‘miss’ Charice Pempengco. “I don’t care if you want to listen to my Charice songs all d**** day or if you hear my Charice voice in my falsettos, because of course you d******* m*, boses ko parin yon, nag-transition lang (still my voice, it just transitioned),” he penned. 

He said that he used to take people missing Charice as a compliment, but he now finds it very offensive. “Okay ako kung i-compliment mong naririnig mo kasi totoo naman yon, pero para ipangalandakan mo na ‘Charice is coming back’ and also binabastos na ang pagkatao ko nang dahil lang doon, get yo m* transphobia a** away from me (it’s ok to me if you compliment what you hear because it’s true, but if you push the narrative that ‘Charice is coming back,’ you disrespect my identity because of that. Get your transphobic self away from me),” Zyrus added.

In case you want to read his full rant yourself, here’s a screenshot for you to read his full statement:

Jake Zyrus has a message for those who miss Charice
(Screenshot â„…: Philstarlife.com)

Prior to his coming out as a trans man, Zyrus revealed to the world that he was a lesbian in 2013. It’s brave of him to live life the way he pleases, and he is just human, so it’s totally understandable how the ill comments of bashers from the web can get to him sometimes. In case you’re curious to hear his sound as Jake Zyrus, check out his latest single Fix Me.


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