Jamie Spears Wants Britney to Pay His Legal Fees

After being suspended from his conservatorship in September, Jamie Spears is now demanding that Britney pay his legal fees.

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Last week, the pop star’s estranged father filed documents to seek the court’s “confirmation, authorization and direction” for Britney’s estate to pay the lawyers who are “participating in proceedings concerning Jamie’s ongoing fiduciary duties relating to winding up” the conservatorship.

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It’s interesting to note that in the 13 years that the “Gimme More” singer was under her father’s conservatorship, she was was required to pay all of her father’s legal bills, while he was serving as her conservator (according to Variety, his attorneys charge around $1,200 per hour.) In addition to what she was already paying, Britney was also funding her attorneys out of her own pocket to help defend and free herself from the conservatorship.

“Prompt payment on account of Jamie’s attorneys’ fees is necessary to ensure the Conservatorship can be wound up quickly and efficiently to allow Britney to take control of her life as she and Jamie desire,” read the 27-page petition obtained by Variety.

The filing asserted that the elder Spears “stepped up to protect” the pop princess from those “seeking to take advantage of her incapacity.” It also stated Jamie had “dedicated himself to protecting his daughter’s health and her estate” all while fending off “opportunistic and wholly self-interested parties.”

“It would be contrary to public policy if Jamie’s years of dedication to protect his daughter…could subject him to personal bankruptcy and ruin defending baseless claims,” the filing went on to say. “No person would ever want to step into the role as conservator if a conservatee could force a conservator to personally pay substantial legal fees defending unfounded allegations.”

Mathew Rosengart, Britney’s attorney, has since called the filing an “abomination.”

“Mr. Spears reaped many millions of dollars from Britney as a conservator, while paying his lawyers millions more, all from Britney’s work and hard-earned money,” Rosengart said in a statement. “Britney poignantly testified about the pain her father caused her and this only adds to it. This is not what a father who loves his daughter does.”

It’s estimated that Jamie Spears made $6 million over the 13 years he served as her conservator.

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