Jason Derulo Opens Up About Co-parenting With Jena Frumes

New dad Jason Derulo is co-parenting his 6-month-old baby with his ex-girlfriend, Jena Frumes.

Although Jason and Jena broke up in September 2021, they continue to support each other and maintain “an amazing relationship” for the sake of their son, Jason King. In an interview with PEOPLE, Jason opened up about his experience of co-parenting with Jena.

“It’s a beautiful thing [that we can support each other], especially given our new relationship: co-parenting. We have an amazing relationship, and we don’t care if we’re confusing people about our situation because our situation is our situation,” he said.

“We love [our son] more than anything, and his wellbeing is really important to us. I’m really attentive [to] her wellbeing as well, and I want her to be good. I care about her a lot. We have an amazing relationship, contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs.”


According to the “Whatcha Say” hitmaker, having Jason King in his life changed his goals and priorities. “I think when you’re chasing your goals, your goals are usually very selfish. But having him has completely shifted my mindset,” he said.

“Now it’s about, ‘How do I become the best inspiration for him? How do I make sure that I’m in a position where I can help make his dreams come true?’ That shift is probably the best thing that’s happened to me. It’s a whole new reason for thriving.”


The 32-year-old singer also shared that although his son didn’t turn out to be a “spitting image” of him, Jason Jr. got something else: his feistiness.

“We were born on the same day, Jena and I, so I think we both have a bit of fire in us. When [Jason King]’s ready to wake up, he’s going to let you know that it’s time to get up,” he said.

“He’s a little feisty, so I think he gets that from both Jena and I.”


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