“Just for clout”: viewers think Matteo Guidicelli ripping the PS5 open is staged

Screenshot 48
(Screengrab from YouTube: Matteo Guidicelli)

He’s back at it again, but this time, folks don’t seem to be buying it anymore.

As if the flak he drew from his first unboxing video wasn’t enough, Matteo Guidicelli returns with another one, and this time, he set his sights on the highly sought-after PlayStation 5.

The short YouTube clip shows Matteo catching the PlayStation 5 thrown at him, and ripping apart the box just as he did with the PlayStation 4. He then handles the coveted console with as little caution as possible, and throws away bits and pieces of the packaging ASAP. He even throws the peripheral components to the ground beside him like it’s no big deal, and it probably isn’t.

Sa mga nagcocomplain dyan, by the way, this table is shock-absorbent, so the PS5 does not feel any shock… see, it bounces,” the celebrity, who certainly has his priorities in order, reassures the viewers. 

Screenshot 49
(Screengrab from YouTube: Matteo Guidicelli)

TheYouTube, which now has more than dislikes, at around 27,000, than likes, at around 16,000, garnered mixed responses. Most of them though echoed roughly the same sentiment: it was staged. To many, Matteo’s gag was to get people’s attention, while to others, it was to trigger overly-sensitive people.

Regardless of Matteo’s true motive, the video did manage to rake in those sweet statistics, garnering almost a million views in under a week. He even got the attention of fellow celebrity and gamer Michael V., who reacted to his video with a short one: “Never mind.”

Screenshot 52

For the sake of all precious PlayStations everywhere, can we please get over this running joke ASAP?

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