“Just joking”: Tony Hawk responds to Margielyn Didal’s hilarious selfie

The sarcasm isn’t lost between these two skating legends!

She might not have finished on a podium, but Cebuana skating prodigy Margielyn Didal winning moments during the Tokyo Olympics were the ones caught on camera. Glimpses of her grinning on-site, photobombing other athletes, and cheering for her fellow skaters were enough to make the global audience warm up to Margielyn — but perhaps none were more sensational than the one she snapped with skating legend Tony Hawk.

Throwing up a peace sign beside Hawk who was part of US network NBC’s broadcast panel in the Games, Margielyn sarcastically wrote in the caption: “this guy asked me to take a photo with him and I let him because he looks like Tony Hawk.”


The joke seemed to have gone over some people’s heads, though, as Hawk had to clarify to a reporter that the Olympian was joking when she said she didn’t recognize him.

“My life is weird,” read a part of Hawk’s tweet.

Rising to skating stardom during the early 2000s, Hawk has recently been fond of sharing his encounters with people who fail to recognize who he is on social media. Though he understands the bit, it has happened so often that it’s turned into a meme. It isn’t until they find themselves on Hawk’s Twitter timeline that they realize that they were indeed in the company of a legend.

But Margielyn definitely got the memo, hence her hilarious caption. 

Finishing in 7th place in the women’s street skateboarding finals at the Tokyo Olympics, Margielyn captured the hearts of viewers worldwide for continuously showing positive energy on camera. Despite coming up short in winning gold, the Cebuana seemed to have “won” anyway with her display of sportsmanship, passion, and a sprinkle of humor to boot.

“We’re here for each other. We cheer for each other, that’s what skateboarding is,” said Margielyn after her history-making appearance at the sporting event. 


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