Karen Davila’s interview with Lyca Gairanod goes viral

Karen Davila's interview with Lyca Gairanod goes viral

And a new meme is born! On August 16, Monday, Lyca Gairanod and Karen Davila went viral on Twitter.

What exactly went down? Well, in the now viral clip, Davila asked Gairanod when her birthday is. As it turns out, the young singer was born on November 21, which also happened to be the broadcaster’s birthday. Davila looked extremely shocked by this coincidence, and her enthusiastic reaction made Gairanod step back a bit, looking confused.

“Oh my God! Birthday ko iyon! Birthday mo November 21? Hindi ko alam ‘yun ah, wait hindi ko alam ‘yun. Magka-birthday kami (That’s my birthday! Your birthday is on November 12? I didn’t know that. Wait, I didn’t know that. We have the same birthday),” Davila exclaimed.

Their exchange tickled a lot of netizens’ fancy. Davila herself tweeted about the incident, saying that watching the video still made her laugh. 

Needless to say, a lot of people have been having fun with the new meme. Here are some the popular posts making their rounds on Twitter:

@Preen.ph compared the two to the government’s response to the pandemic and the Filipino people. 

This netizen likened the conversation to best friends, wherein one forgets that the other one’s birthday is approaching. 

Another netizen thanked the two for blessing the world with a new meme to enjoy. 

The interview originally appeared on Davila’s YouTube vlog where she visited Gairanod in her hometown in Tanza, Cavite. Here’s the full video if you want to check out how the exchange happened. 

With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise in the country and all the terrible news around the world, this light exchange is just what Pinoys need for a good laugh. After all, life is better when you’re laughing.


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