Kieran Culkin Shares Why It Took Him And His Wife Seven Weeks To Name Their Newborn Child

Kieran Culkin and his wife Jazz Charton welcomed their second child on August 17, 2021, but it wasn’t until seven weeks later that they finally decided on what name to give their little bundle of joy.

During an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Kieran revealed that they finally named their now three-month-old son Wilder Wolf after “weeks arguing about names.”

Kieran Culkin Shares Why It Took Him And His Wife Seven Weeks To Name Their Newborn Child
Photos: YouTube/TheEllenShow, Instagram/jazzcharton

The dad of two shared that prior to the birth of their child, they didn’t know if they would have a son or another daughter.

“My wife wanted [the name] ‘Wolf… We found it in the hospital the day that he was born and we thought, ‘That’s great,’” he said.

“But instead of pulling the trigger on it, [we thought], ‘Let’s torture ourselves for about seven weeks,’ disagreeing with names before we [came] around to the name that we picked. ‘Cause, we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl.”

He also said that he and Jazz even wrote down possible baby names on a dry erase board, but they ended up focusing on girls’ names more.

“We narrowed it down to two girl names that we really liked, and we agreed it was going to be one of those two names if it’s a girl. [But] if it’s a boy we’re screwed,” he said. “And we had a boy and spent seven weeks arguing about names.”

Kieran and Jazz’s son Wilder Wolf was born in August this year, while their daughter Kinsey Sioux was born in September 2019. They tied the knot in 2013, seven years after their first meeting in New York.

The “Succession” actor told i News in 2018 that he fell for Jazz on the first day he met her. “I asked if [the guy with Jazz] was her boyfriend and when she said no, I asked if I could be her boyfriend. We’ve been together ever since,” he said. “When someone is as beautiful as my wife, you just want to be close to that.”

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