Amidst a sea of rumors and issues surrounding her family, Kris Aquino sat down for an IGTV session to address everything we wanted to know.

Her tell-all “interview”, which lasted for 25 minutes, featured Aquino sitting and reading through a hefty pile of yellow pad paper notes.

The mother of two fiercely asserted her right to defend those who matter to her, namely Josh, Bimby, the memory of her parents, and her siblings.

Kris Aquino with sons Josh and Bimby
Kris with sons Bimby (L) and Josh (R)
Photo from Abante

Regarding Josh, Aquino said that he was very happy in Tarlac (the Aquinos’ home province) but explained that he was not there for her to “establish a presence”. With Bimby, she said that he is “respectful” and “mature” and that people shouldn’t be bullying a 13-year old child.

There was also a promise to “name names”, but Aquino mostly just referred to her ex-boyfriend, Herbert Bautista, and ex-nanny, Bincai.

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The Aquino family with Yaya Bincai
Photo from Phunu9

She mentioned having reconnected with Bautista, but cautioned against those assuming that she was furthering his political ventures. “Whatever plans he has, they are his own,” the Queen of All Media declared.

She also cleared up any misinterpretations about Bincai and said that it was the latter’s choice to not return under her employment, with reasons pointing to starting a new family and living a separate life. She clarified that there was no bad blood.

Perhaps one of the most surprising revelations was that Aquino, daughter of political icon Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and former president Corazon Aquino, is not a Duterte “hater”. In fact, she admitted that she continues to pray for the current administration.

“Kung pumalpak sila [the government], tayong mga Pilipino, tayo ang babagsak,” she stated. This was one of many of Aquino’s reference to politics; others were that she had no plans of running for any government office and that she actually has no party affiliations.

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Photo from GMA

The Queen of All Media ended her video with a quote from the Taylor Swift song “mad woman”, which mostly talked of a woman being pushed to the edge. Her intentions as a mother and as an individual are clear — don’t mess with her kids!

While we can’t say for sure to whom exactly the video was addressed, we applaud this strong mother for taking a stand for her family.

You can watch the 25-minute video on all of the Kris Aquino social media channels.

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