Kris Aquino Goes on Fast Food Date with Mel Sarmiento Wearing a Gown

Kris Aquino’s first fast-food date with her fiancé is surely one for the books.

Kris Aquino caught the attention of social media when she posted about her fast-food date with her fiancé, former Interior Secretary Mel Sarmiento. The Queen of All Media posted pictures of them dining in a gown and barong Tagalong in a McDonald’s store, and we expect nothing less from her.

Kris Aquino's Goes on Fast Food Date with Mel Sarmiento Wearing a Gown
Photo: Instagram/Kris Aquino

Being a “normal, regular person” for a day

The couple was on their way home from a wedding when they stopped by the fast-food chain wearing their formal attire. Kris wore a blue turtle-neck gown and Mel in a traditional barong Tagalog. “It was more than [three hours] to get back kaya nag stop sa fast food and it’s been YEARS since I’ve entered that particular brand and after the pandemic naaliw sa kin everyone with me especially Mel, because I said ang sarap maging normal, regular person,” she captioned the Instagram post.

“Walang Basagan ng Trip”

Her friend pointed out that dining in a fast-food restaurant in a gown is not something you see every day, but this did not bother her at all. “I said walang basagan ng trip. I just want to say thank you to the service crew at McDo Silang for having been so gracious & opening up an area for us,” the TV personality added. Of course, the crew also took the opportunity to take pictures with her and the comments showed a lot of love for her.

Kris shares that this is the first time she and Mel ever ate out, which technically makes this their first date. She opened up about their relationship in August of this year and announced her engagement to the politician last October 24 with a 55-second clip on her Instagram. Both her sons happily approve of their union.

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