LOOK: Gabbi Garcia Got Her First Personal Car

Gabbi Garcia started the new year with a milestone in her life: She finally got her first personal car!

For her first vlog in 2021, she documented moments such as seeing the car for the first time, bringing it home, and driving it around their neighborhood.

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Photo: Instagram/gabbi

When asked by her boyfriend Khalil Ramos, “How do you feel?” Gabbi said, “I’m so happy. [The car is] so nice. It’s like we’re meant to be.”

First car

Although Gabbi has already bought other cars before, they were mostly used for work. So what makes her new car extra special is the fact that it’s the first one she bought for her personal use.

Gabbi said, “‘Yung unang family car namin nung naging artista ako is still with us, and it’s technically my sister’s already. And my mom’s SUV is also there, then I have my van, my work car.”

Pero it wasn’t like a personal car so hindi siya ganun ka-sentimental.”

In deciding what car to get, the things she put into consideration were its size and sophisticated look, among others: “I feel like this car is just right for my size, for my height. It’s just really right for my work, ‘yung mga pinupuntahan ko. And I find it so sophisticated. ‘Yung tipong kahit maarte ako, yung kotse ko, may dating.

“Katas” ng endorsements

Gabbi gave a special mention to her recent endorsements that led to her being able to purchase the new car. She said, “This is katas ng Soy Secretz, Dutch Mill.”


In honor of this, she decided to name her car “Millie”.

“At first, it was supposed to be ‘Dutch,’ but sabi namin, ‘Millie’ na lang. So Millie. That’s Millie!”


Another thing that made getting this car really special for her was being part of the whole process.

Because she was still underage when they bought their previous cars, she did not make all the decisions in their purchases. But for this one, everything was up to her.

Ito kasi, iba. Iba yung tama nito kasi I was part of the whole process. As in my parents let me choose what car I want… They trusted me with this one so mas tagos ‘to. I’m so happy kasi they supported me all the way.”

Watch Gabbi’s vlog here:

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