“Maling-mali”: Janella and Jennylyn blast Filipinos’ toxic body-shaming tendencies

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Images: @mercadojenny and @superjanella

To the rude aunts and uncles of every family reunion ever, we hope you’re listening.

The holidays may be over and most family gatherings may have been kept from happening, but a few local celebrities, namely Janela Salvador and Jennylyn Mercado, are still fuming over the “toxic Filipino trait” that is body-shaming, or relatives giving unsolicited comments about one’s weight. 

In a tweet, Descendants of the Sun actress and recently realized “woke” celebrity Jennylyn Mercado vented her frustrations over body-shaming comments from friends, labeling it as “rude” and “toxic.” She added that such comments may also trigger some people’s insecurities borne out of their eating disorders.

Since airing her concern, Twitter users have raided the replies section with their own body-shaming accounts during family gatherings. One user even shared that she’s stopped attending family occasions due to the same, prompting this positive reply from Jennylyn:

Meanwhile, The Killer Bride standout star Janella Salvador also had beef with body-shamers, sharing in a tweet that “Filipinos are the worst body shamers.”

Her bold comment comes after netizens left rude replies on her recent Instagram video saying that she’s gotten bigger since moving to England. 


In the video, Janella is seen happily spending the holidays with her partner, Markus Peterson, while dancing to the music of “Holly Jolly Christmas.” The actress moved to Englan last September, a little after confirming her and Markus’ romance.

We know Christmas is the season of giving, but that shouldn’t include giving out hurtful, humiliating, and worst of all, unsolicited body-shaming comments. You’re not being smart by pointing out what the person probably already knows and is dealing with, Tita Jocelyn. So please, keep your comments to yourself.

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